How to Create a Great Virtual Birthday Card

How to Create a Great Virtual Birthday Card
How to Create a Great Virtual Birthday Card Picture

Sometimes a loved one's birthday can sneak up on us, leaving us with little or no time to shop for a heartfelt card. If you need a last-minute solution that is also personal and customizable, then a virtual birthday card is just the thing to make their day and express your care for them.

Or maybe you planned well ahead, marking your loved one’s big day on the calendar weeks ahead of time. But this year, you want to give them something truly unique and one of a kind, and you still haven’t found anything that fits the bill. Once again, virtual birthday cards to the rescue. Being group-based and online it’s a breeze to send to everyone beforehand to make that special loved one feel special.

Whatever your situation, online ecards are an awesome way to make the recipient feel honored, appreciated, and celebrated on their birthday.

So how can you create a virtual birthday card from scratch? Let’s look at the card creation process, from start to finish.

How do I create a virtual birthday card?

Creating and sending a virtual birthday card is easy. With the help of an online platform like GreetBox, you can put together a stunning and memorable card in no time.

There are three basic steps to follow:

  1. Create a card
  2. Add personal messages from yourself and send to family and friends to do the same
  3. Send the group-based card right away or schedule it to land in your loved one's inbox on their birthday

It’s as simple as that.

If you want to take things a step further and create a stunning, memorable, unforgettable card, here are some tips to unleash your creativity.

Customize your virtual card

If there’s one thing that puts virtual cards miles ahead of traditional printed cards, it’s the ability to customize.

With printed cards, you must choose from the limited range of design and style options on display at the store. Basically, the only creative input you get to have is the message(s) you and others write inside the card.

Virtual cards, on the other hand, give you 100% creative control.

With an online platform like GreetBox that lets you design virtual cards, you can create the ultimate personalized card to suit any kind of personality, right down the very last detail, from backgrounds and images to color schemes and fonts.

Elegant and refined, with a sophisticated cursive font and classy pastel palette? Check.

Playful and cheeky, with fun lettering and colors galore? Check.

If you’re not the creative type, not to worry! GreetBox has pre-made templates in a wide variety of styles, so you don’t have to put on your graphic design hat yourself if you don’t want to.

Add personal photos and videos

Another huge bonus of virtual cards? You get to play with a ton of fun options that make use of all the best stuff the internet age has given to us: GIFs, audio files, and, of course, digital photos and videos.

These tech-y elements make opening a virtual card such an exciting experience! What’s inside? A favorite song? A hilarious GIF? A photo collage of your best moments? Maybe all of the above!

These personal touches are what takes a virtual card from a nice gesture to a beloved keepsake that is treasured and looked at for many years to come. What’s more, a customized card that includes photos and videos does so much more than express a birthday greeting. It invites the recipient to relive cherished memories and reflect on the happiest moments from their lives. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Collaborate with family and friends

Nothing makes a person feel loved and appreciated more than a card that shows just how many people they have who care for them.

You might consider imbuing your virtual card with a special emotional resonance by reaching out to people the birthday celebrant hasn’t heard from in a while. Birthdays are a great excuse to rekindle old connections and your loved one will probably be pleasantly surprised to hear from an old friend they haven’t connected with in a while. Online based greeting cards make it easy to reach out to people wherever they are in the world so they can take part in a birthday greeting.

And you never have to worry about running out of writing space! GreetBox lets you add up to 250 messages to a single card, so there’s room for birthday wishes from everyone in the recipient’s circle.

Get the ball rolling with expressive messages

If you decide to go the group card route, it’s important to remember that when signing group cards, most people look to see what other people have written first before composing their own message. More often than not, they mimic what has gone before. Make sure those first few posts set the right tone and inspire the people who see them!

Whatever you do, don’t be satisfied with a simple “Happy Birthday!” scrawl. Those are a dime a dozen. Plus, the beauty of using online ecards is that they offer unlimited room to let your thoughts and feelings unfurl.

So, whenever possible, opt for a more unique message and watch as others follow suit, penning their own creative posts.

Here are some ideas to consider:

● Recount a favorite memory

● Share a short anecdote

● Offer a sincere compliment

● Compose a brief poem, like a haiku

● Pick a GIF about an inside joke with him/her

Choose the time and method of delivery with care

Some people prefer to receive cards and gifts privately and without much fanfare, while others enjoy a bit of a spectacle, with friends gathered round to share in the excitement. Virtual birthday cards let you decide which end of the spectrum, or any point in between, is most appropriate for the card recipient.

If you’re sending the card to someone with more of an introverted personality, then your best bet may be quietly sending it to their inbox so they can open and read through it without the stress of being in a big group.

If you’re sending the card to someone who is always the life of the party, then you may wish to arrange a gathering that lets you present the card in a group setting, with the contents of the card projected on a big screen.

Save it in a format that will last

Paper cards are so fragile and vulnerable to mayhem and mishap that it’s a miracle that anyone can hold on to them (forever). They easily get lost in shuffles of paper, they get coffee spilled on them, they get thoughtlessly swept into the recycling with yesterday’s newspapers.

Virtual birthday cards, on the other hand, are nearly indestructible. Downloaded and saved as a image files (PNG/JPEG), your online ecard will stand the test of time, so your loved one can revisit and re-read it again and again over the years. And because it’s digital, it won’t fade or tear over time. Every time it gets opened, it’ll look just as good as the day it was sent.

The digital format also has two other awesome benefits that may not have crossed your mind. The first is that virtual cards are a “greener” option since they don’t use paper. And GreetBox goes the extra mile by planting a tree for every GreetBox that is purchased, which makes your card a gift to your loved one and the environment.

The second is that, since virtual cards aren’t physically passed around from person to person, they can’t carry germs, viruses, or anything else besides the warmest birthday wishes. This is an important consideration in 2021 and beyond.

Prepare for the next birthday (and other special occasions) now

Once you’ve got the ball rolling and seen how much fun it is to create an online greeting card, why not get a head start on the other special occasions that are coming up in the weeks and months ahead? You can follow the same creative process of designing and creating your card (or use a pre-built template for a faster and more convenient option). With the added bonus of more time, you can take as long as you need to invite collaborators and make a truly expansive card that will wow your loved one and become a treasured gift.

GreetBox makes it simple to customize, collaborate, and deliver your card to anyone, anywhere. It’s easy to open an account and start creating your very first card today.

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