10 Ways to Create a Meaningful Farewell Card for a Colleague

10 Ways to Create a Meaningful Farewell Card for a Colleague
Group contributing to a virtual ecard with GreetBox for their coworkers farewell

We’ve all signed them. Many of us have been the recipients of them.

The farewell card for a colleague who is leaving the company.

Just like Monday morning water cooler chats and coffee in mismatched mugs, a group-based farewell card is a major cornerstone of office life.

Sometimes they’re spectacular, filled with heartfelt messages from beloved coworkers that acknowledge a job well done over the years and express the camaraderie that has developed in that time.

Other times, they’re not so spectacular. They’re thrown together at the last minute, filled with hasty signatures, and lacking any kind of personalization or uniqueness.

If you’ve been assigned the task of putting together a group-based goodbye card for one of your coworkers, then may we suggest that you consider ditching the idea of a paper card and consider instead a virtual farewell card?

An online ecard is so much simpler to create and circulate, and it gives you endless options for customizing and creating something truly unique and meaningful. Make your next farewell card for a leaving coworker into a cherished keepsake that they’ll hang on to forever.

Here are ten ways to create a meaningful farewell card for a colleague.

1. Share the card with as many people as possible

No one wants to open a card that was clearly a slapdash, last-minute effort that didn’t make its way fully throughout the company so everyone could sign it.

The best farewell cards are brimming with notes from everyone the leaving colleague interacted with, from their bosses to their teammates to upper management.

Getting as many signatures as possible usually requires some planning ahead, since people need a little time to think about what they want to write in the card.

The good news is, an online-based greeting card is a huge time-saver in that it doesn’t have to be passed from person to person. Anyone can hop online when they have a moment and sign the card digitally. Plus, you don’t have to be stealthy about passing it around, like you would with a traditional paper card, hiding it from the recipient so you don’t spoil the surprise.

What’s more, GreetBox cards let you include up to 500 messages, so you don’t have to worry about if the card has enough space for everyone who would like to sign it.

2. Encourage heartfelt messages

“Good luck!” “It’s been fun!” “Congratulations on your next opportunity!”

There are few things more disappointing than opening up a card and seeing only signatures or short, perfunctory messages like the ones above added to it.

What makes a card memorable and a keepsake that is kept for years is the personalized messages and memories that are shared within it.

One of the best ways to encourage people to leave longer, heartfelt messages is by setting the right precedent with the first few messages that get added to the card.

In group-based goodbye cards, people will typically look to see what kinds of messages have already been written in the card before deciding what to write themselves. Demonstrate the type of meaningful message you want people to add by being the first to sign the card and leaving a detailed, heartfelt message. It can be funny, warm, sincere, or all of the above.

3. Use fun and happy memories to create a story

Another excellent way to encourage meaningful messages is to use a prompt that gets people thinking about fun and happy memories they shared with the coworker who is leaving.

Messages that open with phrases such as “What I remember most is…” or “It was such a special moment when…” are good ways to trigger thoughts of the happy times.

It’s messages like these that make the recipient feel seen and honored as they prepare to wrap up their time with the company before moving on to their next opportunity.

4. Include highlights from their time with the company

An online ecard is more than just a card—it’s an opportunity to get creative.

You can recognize your coworker’s time with the company by including a photo (or better yet, a collage of photos) of their best moments. For example, did they dress up for Halloween every year? Bake homemade brownies for the company’s annual barbecue? Include those pics in the card!

If you don’t have photos of your leaving coworker, not to worry. You still have options for creating a virtual farewell card that is unique and personalized. Try including a funny gif that captures some aspect of their time at the company, whether it’s a classic moment from The Office or an inspirational cat meme that says “Hang in There, Kitty!”

5. Acknowledge their unique contributions to the workplace

Everyone appreciates feeling seen and acknowledged for who they are. A virtual card is a golden opportunity to express just how a colleague made an impact and contributed to the company culture by being themselves.

Maybe they were the person who came in early to put on a fresh pot of coffee in the mornings. Or perhaps they were known for being the team’s number-one cheerleader, offering praise and encouragement to their teammates when they needed it most.

Whatever your leaving co-worker was known for around the office, whether big or small, it deserves a mention in their virtual farewell card.

6. Enclose a gift with the card

There’s nothing quite like a parting gift to express your gratitude to a colleague. And most people prefer to receive cash that lets them pick their own perfect farewell present.

So, add a little something extra to your farewell card to let your colleague know just how much you appreciate the value they brought to the organization. A GreetBox ecard lets you collect and send money along with your card, safely and securely.

7. Personalize the card with their favorite things

Cards that are unique and personal make so much more of an impact than something generic.

A virtual group-based goodbye card is customizable down to the smallest detail, so flex your creative muscles! Choose color palettes, fonts, images, GIFs, and even videos that reflect your colleague’s style.

Are they a huge fan of photography? Create a card that features little clicking camera gifs and polaroid shots.

Are they an animal lover? Design a card that has illustrations of dogs and cats and embellishments like paw prints.

If you’re not the artsy type, you can also choose from GreetBox’s wide variety of pre-made card templates that are attractive, charming, and have specific themes. You can customize these as much or as little as you want, and they’ll still feel highly specific and made just for them.

8. Use humor to its full effect

Departures can be bittersweet, so a dose of humor often helps to keep the mood bright and cheery.

Let your other colleagues know that it’s OK to drop a joke or funny line in their message by including some comical elements in the card, such as a funny photo of the leaving coworker or a cute video or gif.

This way, your departing colleague will have a smile on their face every time they look at their virtual farewell card and remember the good times and laughter they shared with their teammates.

9. Say thank you

You can never say thank you enough!

Make your colleague feel appreciated by explicitly calling out all the value they brought to the company, in terms of their work and their personality. Companies are made up of people and no two employees do their jobs in quite the same way. A virtual farewell card is the perfect time to thank them for their work and for being their awesome selves.

10. Deliver the card in a meaningful way

How you deliver a farewell card is often the final touch that makes it a wonderful and memorable experience for the recipient.

A virtual farewell card is flexible in that you can choose how to present it to your colleague. If they’re more of an introvert, it might be best to send it quietly and discreetly on their last day, so they can enjoy it privately and without the distraction of others looking over their shoulder. This is also a great option if your colleague works remotely and you don’t have the ability to present the card to them in person.

For a coworker who loves a good party, you may wish to plan an office gathering where you can celebrate their accomplishments and present the card in a more public forum. A virtual e-card can be projected onto a big screen, like a slideshow, so everyone can share in the experience.

Start creating a meaningful farewell card for a leaving coworker

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