10 Get Well Soon Memes for Awesome Virtual Greeting Cards

10 Get well soon memes for your group-based virtual greeting card
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

With all of the gifts the internet has given us, memes are definitely one of our favorites. They’re versatile, expressive, and can capture a sentiment in a way that’s much more dynamic than a simple image.

All these things come in super handy when you’re trying to build virtual get well soon cards. A get well soon card is already a fantastic way to let someone know you’re thinking about them, but it’s even better when you can customize it with a meme.

You no longer have to settle for a printed card with a boring bouquet and the words “Get Well Soon” in a sombre script font on the front. Memes let you inject a little personality and humor into your message, which is usually just what the doctor ordered, laughter being the best medicine and all.

To help inspire you, we’ve collected some of our favorite styles of memes for including in a get well soon e-card.

1. Cute Memes


A cute meme will put a smile on their face and have them feeling better, even if just a little bit.

2. Girly Memes


A fun floral meme is great for girls, and anyone who loves flowers and frills, really.

3. Crude Memes


Who said that get well soon humor had to be tasteful? A crude meme is often just the thing to inspire a much-needed chuckle or a guffaw.

4. Loving Memes


Love is some of the most powerful medicine out there, so sending a loving meme is a surefire way to a speedy recovery.

5. Encouraging Memes


Use an encouraging meme to give your friend, family member, or colleague / coworker a shot in the arm when they’re feeling under the weather.

6. Funny Memes for Kids


The kids of today are fluent in memes. Speak to them in their language by sending a funny meme from their favorite movie or TV show to cheer them up and help them get on the mend.

7. Millennial Memes


Channel Y2K vibes with millennial memes that will hit them right in the nostalgia bone.

8. Sweet Memes


Sometimes the best message is sweet and simple, like a virtual hug.

9. Mature Memes


Memes don’t always have to be humorous. They can also be mature, thoughtful messages that sincerely express your wish for them to get well soon.

10 Loud Memes


Vibrant colors and strobe effects can help shout your message loud and clear that you wish them a quick recovery.

Creating Virtual Get Well Soon Cards with Memes

Once you’ve chosen the “tone” of your virtual e-card and selected an appropriate meme to express it, it’s time to get that baby signed, sealed, and delivered.

GreetBox makes this process fast, simple, and, dare we say, fun? Whether you’re sending a personal card just from you or putting together a get well soon group card, you can do so with a few convenient clicks and keystrokes.

Customize the e-Card

The meme is just the beginning of your get well soon card. Complement it with colorful backgrounds, funky fonts, personal pictures, emojis, and more.

Pass the e-Card Around Virtually (and Safely)

Circulating a printed card through an entire friend group or office full of people is a time-consuming and frustrating task. It’s also becoming something of a taboo to pass items like cards from hand to hand, especially if their ultimate destination is in the hands of a person who is trying to recover from an illness.

That’s why virtual group-based e-cards are becoming such a popular option. They let you instantly generate a one-click share link, so people can sign the card quickly, conveniently, on their own schedule, and at a safe social distance.

Plus, GreetBox cards can hold up to 500 messages...imagine how long it would take to collect that many signatures going person to person! With an online platform like GreetBox, your card can come together in a matter of hours or even minutes.

Deliver the e-Card in a Way That Makes Sense

While it is a very meaningful gesture to deliver a get well soon card in person, sometimes it simply isn’t possible or advisable to do so. A virtual greeting card lets you send your well wishes and heartfelt sentiments no matter what the situation. Simply enter the recipient’s e-mail and the card will show up in their inbox. You also have the option to pre-schedule the send time so your card will arrive at just the right moment.

Send a Greeting That Will Last

Memes may be of the moment, but a heartfelt gesture is timeless. A virtual greeting card won’t get lost, tossed out, misplaced, or have coffee accidentally spilled all over it. It stays safe as a digital keepsake that the recipient can cherish for a long time to come.

Create a Meme-Based Get Well Soon Card with GreetBox

Know someone who’s feeling under the weather? Now that you know how easy and fun it is to create a personalized, meme-based get well soon card, start building one now! Brighten their day and send them a dose of sunshine to help them on their way to recovery.

It’s easy to get started with GreetBox. Just sign up for an account and start creating your first card today!